Is it your dream to move into a new home where everything is specified just for you? Would you like a move-in ready place that contains all the features you want? If so, a turnkey home might be for you. It is all in the name for this type of home – you simply turn the key, walk in and start living.

What A Turnkey Home Offers vs. a “Home With Potential”

With design expertise, a good contractor, and maybe some elbow grease on your part, you can turn a resale home into your dream home. However, renovations plans can go awry and unplanned expenses can quickly add up, halting renovations and souring the experience for your family.

In contrast, with a turnkey home, you know exactly what you will be getting on the day you move in. Before you purchase the home, you will have the opportunity to tour and make sure that everything your new home has everything you wanted in your dream home!

Quality Inside And Out

Knowing exactly what is included in your home is very helpful for your future planning. Many homeowners put aside a contingency fund to plan for things they want or need when they move into home. With a turnkey home, you know that everything from appliances to closet organizers to sod and landscaping is included, so you can concentrate on the dream furniture and decorator touches you’ll add once you get the keys to your home.

The specifications you receive with your turnkey home include the structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC elements. You will never have to worry about things such as whether the house is pretreated for termites, how the home is insulated, or how the roof is constructed in our hurricane-prone climate. Just pull out your spec sheet and you’ll know exactly what’s underneath your beautiful exterior.

Choose Moderne Boca

Energized, fashionable, and boldly unique, it’s time to discover refreshing new Boca Raton real estate that blends seamlessly with your personal sense of style. Moderne Boca, a new Kolter community, offers 75 luxury turnkey mid-town homes that combine design and convenience. The gated community features maintenance free three-story residences, many with elevators and expansive open living areas and 2-car garage.

Who will you be jamming too at Mizner Park during the Sunshine Music Festival?

Located at the at the corner of Military Trail and Spanish River Boulevard, Moderne Boca is capturing the attention and turning the heads of the very passionate design community in Boca Raton. Its bold exterior architecture grasps the minds of the contemporary crowd and opens their imaginations to the possibilities that await inside.


Turn the key and start your life at Moderne Boca. The designer decorated models at are now open for your viewing pleasure. Interested homeowners may contact the Sales Gallery to schedule an appointment by calling 561.300.6787. Moderne Boca is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Turnkey Home?